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The Kirkpatrick Memorial Conference and Workshops on Aging digital collection provides access to conference proceedings and programs from the Kirkpatrick Memorial Conference and Workshops on Aging at Ball State University with materials dating from 1955 to 2004. The conference and workshop sessions present the scholarship of nationally prominent figures in the field of gerontology, examining social, biological, psychological, and economic aspects of aging.


The conference and workshop series was first organized in 1955 by Nila Kirkpatrick Covalt and is funded by the estate of her parents, prominent Muncie residents J. Walter and Arrena I. Kirkpatrick, for whom the series is named. Initially, workshops were held jointly at Ball State and the Indiana University Medical Center, but by 1959, Ball State became the sole location for the event.


The Kirkpatrick Lecture Series is currently hosted by the John and Janice Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology at Ball State University. Materials digitized for this collection are held at both the Ball State University Archives & Special Collections and the Fisher Institute.


This digital collection includes both programs from annual events as well as conference proceedings from years during which they were published. Proceedings in this collection are available both by year and by individual published lecture. A list of all individual lectures in this collection is available below:



Lecture Title and Date

Walter C. Alvarez

"Care of the aged." 1961.

Edward R. Annis

"What now--in the health care of the aging?." 1966.

Toni C. Antonucci

"Social dimension of wellness in late life." 1992.

Robert C. Atchley

"Continuity theory, wellness, spirituality, and social support: toward an integration of perspectives." 1992.

Gretchen M.E. Auman and Thomas R. Cole

"In whose voice? Composing a life song collaboratively." 1990.

Myron E. Barg

"Volunteers in self-help." 1966.

William D. Bechill

"Government--a catalyst to self-help in aging." 1966.

Charles Berry

"Man's response to a spaceflight environment." 1969.

Edward L. Bortz

"Future of old age." 1957-1958.

John Casteel

"Our doubles and how they undo us." 1990.

Sidney E. Chapin

"Actions speak louder than words: a practical approach to the problems of our senior citizens." 1957-1958.

Nila Kirkpatrick Covalt

"Retirement projects in Florida." 1955-1956.

George E. Davis

"Indiana Commission on the Aging and Aged." 1959.

George E. Davis

"Report from the Commission on Aging--1960." 1960.

George E. Davis

"Aging in the states, a report of progress--concerns--goals." 1961.

George E. Davis

"Indiana and the 1971 White House Conference on Aging." 1972.

Wilma Donahue

"Living in the four-generation family." 1964.

Verna E. Due

"Report on the White House Conference on Aging." 1961.

Michael Duffy

"Resident's family: adversary or advocate in long-term care." 1996.

Donald A. Dukelow

"Growing old gracefully." 1967.

Carl Eisdorfer

"Aging: a bio-psycho-social problem--the alternative." 1972.

Murray B. Ferderber

"Chronically ill and aging, whose responsibility?." 1959.

Iris C. Freeman

"Overcoming barriers to nursing home quality: a consumer perspective." 1990.

Betty Friedan

"Breaking through the age mystique." 1991.

Ward C. Halstead

"Higher brain functions and differential aging." 1960.

Grover L. Hartman

"White House Conference as we saw it." 1961.

Paula E. Hartman-Stein

"Assessing differential capacities required for late-life decision-making." 1995.

Raymond Hruschka

"Federal government and the aging individual." 1965.

Herbert C. Hunsaker

"Impressions of housing the aged in some European countries." 1957-1958.

Wallace E. Johnson

"Your secret." 1968.

Marshall B. Kapp

"Who is responsible for this? Respecting rights and imposing consequences among older persons, families, and professionals." 1995.

George E. Kassabaum

"Architect looks at independent living for the elderly." 1962.

Gwendolyn Puryear Keita

"Older women and depression." 1991.

Rona Klein

"What keeps women alive? Suicidal behavior in women over the life cycle." 1991.

Frank Hammond Krusen

"Rehabilitation of the aging." 1964.

John Thomas Liell

"Emergent concepts in aging: the disengagement theory." 1965.

Maurice E. Linden

"Regression and recession in the psychoses of the aging." 1955-1956.

John B. Martin

"1971 White House Conference on Aging." 1970.

Cyrus Maxwell

"White House Conference on Aging 1961." 1960.

Howard Y. McClusky

"Aging and organization for community action." 1955-1956.

Susan H. McFadden

"Spiritual dimensions of a 'good old age'." 1992.

Rhonda J. V. Montgomery

"Converging and diverging roles of women, men and government in the care of the elderly." 1991.

Joy Elmer Morgan

"Second half of life." 1957-1958.

Jane E. Myers

"Multidimensional wellness in aging families." 1996.

Bernice Levin Neugarten

"Stereotypes of aging." 1972.

Donald R. Nicholas, David C. Gobble, Royda Crose, and Beth Frank

"Self-constructing, developmental, lifespan model of wellness: the Ball State University Wellness model." 1992.

Sarah Honn Qualls

"Dynamics in aging families: systems in action." 1996.

Arthur Rosner

"Some insight on the psychological world of the older person." 1967.

William R. Rutherford

"Stewardship." 1971.

Nathan Salon

"Adventure in cooperation." 1963.

Charles M. Sappenfield

"Total community planning in Scandinavian housing for the aged." 1968.

Bruce Savage

"Opportunities in housing for the elderly." 1962.

Hans Selye

"Aging, stress and calciphylaxis." 1965.

Ben F. Shively

"Citizen involvement for community progress." 1971.

Michael A. Smyer

"Take this job and love it: improving quality of care by improving the quality of life for caregivers." 1990.

Janet L. Surrey and Rosalie G. Surrey

"Mother-daughter relationships over the life span." 1991.

Frederick C. Swartz

"Challenge of aging." 1963.

Frederick C. Swartz

"Retirement revisited." 1971.

Ray Swartz

"Reflections on the 1971 White House Conference on Aging." 1972.

Charles Taylor

"Changing attitudes toward the aging." 1969.

H. Doyl Taylor

"Health quackery." 1970.

Clark Tibbitts

"Aging: challenge to Indiana." 1955-1956.

Clark Tibbitts

"Emergence of the multigeneration family." 1964.

Mildred Raynolds Trivers

"Winter moon." 1991.

C. J. Tupper

"Preventive maintenance for the human being." 1960.

John Monroe Vayhinger

"Role of the church in the lives of the aging." 1957-1958.

Barbara A. Venesy

"Practical dimensions of an ethical practice: older adults, families, and end-of-life dilemmas." 1995.

Lois M. Verbrugge

"Aging women and men: their current and future health." 1991.

Joseph D. Weiss

"Living and health facilities for the aged as an architect sees it." 1970.

Dwight L. Wilbur

"What the medical profession has learned about the health care of older persons." 1968.

Ida Witt

"Is old age a challenge or a problem?." 1959.

Donald E. Wood

"Care for the aged over sixty-five from the medical point-of-view." 1962.


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